Anne Klein Watches & Adee Kaye Watches: A Look Into The Past

Published: 09th April 2009
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Anne Klein watches and Adee Kaye watches are world-renowned. They form part of any attire, be it formal, social or sporting and provide the wearer not only with essential time-keeping functions, but also with a memorable look that draws attention. However it is often interesting to look at the history behind these watches - how did Anne Klein and Adee Kaye watches come into being? Were there any special circumstances surrounding the creation of these timeless time pieces? Let's have a look, shall we?

Anne Klein Watches

Hannnah Golofski - the name on Anne Klein's birth certificate. She was born in New York city in 1923 and attended Girl's Commercial High School where she studied art. She subsequently went to Traphagen School to study fashion. Starting as a sketcher Anne quickly rose the ranks to become one of the most influential designers of our time. Unfortunately, however, she died of breast cancer in 1974, aged 50.

But what was it that made her so special and why are Anne Klein watches so successful today?

From the start of her company in 1968, Anne had the idea that clothes, in their various bits and pieces, should be sold as matching items. Later this spread to other accessories and items, including Anne Klein Watches. Her success became unprecedented and her influence contagious - Donna Karan, a name we all know, was Anne Klein's assistant.

Today the Anne Klein watches range still continues in two distinct flavors: Anne Klein and Anne Klein II. The designs ooze with confidence and are the embodiment of unassuming elegance.

Adee Kaye Watches

On a less personal note, we come to Adee Kaye watches. With the headquarters located in Beverly Hills, Adee Kaye watches are designed by a team of creative artists that seek to provide their customers with something different, something fresh and something totally unique.

Perhaps one of the most prominent aspects about Adee Kaye watches is that they are designed not only to cater for one type of person or one type of event, but for all occasions to suit all wearers. That's the reason for their great success; it's why people love them. Whether you're looking for something sporty or something innovative and new, like the Dual time line range, Adee Kaye watches is the accessory of choice.

On A Final Note...

Up until now we've talked about Anne Klein watches and Adee Kaye watches as items that can be bought for oneself. However do keep in mind that these watches will make the perfect gift for any- and everyone. As both companies are still flourishing and relatively new (in comparison to some of the other, more established watch makers out there), one can only expect their designs to influence, perhaps even dictate the fashion of tomorrow.

While both Anne Klein watches and Adee Kaye watches are available for under $200, there are those timepieces that include parts made of materials such as diamonds and mother of pearl, especially for those occasions where the person is more important than the price tag.

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Adee Kaye watches and Anne Klein watches are both renowned names in the fashion world. But who or what lies behind these companies? We take a brief look at the background of each. For more information, visit Know Your Watch.

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