Badge Holders and Badge Lanyards for Kids

Published: 19th July 2009
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The idea of using badge holders and badge lanyards in the office place is nothing new. But did you know that these inexpensive accessories are great for children as well? There are many reasons that a young person would want or need badge holders and badge lanyards. In fact, their may be as many uses for children as there are for adults. Many of the uses are safety-related, and many are just plain fun.
Badge holders and badge lanyards can be used for nearly anything the mind can imagine and a child's mind has unlimited imagination. As opposed to a child, compare how much fun an adult might have with a simple cardboard box? Not much. So doesn't it stand to reason that a child could find more uses for badge holders and badge lanyards than most adults?
One of the first things young children will do with badge holders and badge lanyards is to use them to imitate the adults. To do this they will gather up play money, toy credit cards, and other wallet sized item to use the badge holders and badge lanyards as neck wallets. Such games of "pretend and imitate" are truly enjoyable to children, and represent terrific opportunities to learn and experiment. They get to pretend to be grown ups by having grown up items. But this is not the only way children will use these handy items.
Children enjoy having their own notepads and ID cards. This makes badge holders and badge lanyards ideal for clubs and church groups. Each of the children receives his or her own badge holder or badge lanyard, they are allowed to decorate the item. Then each is assigned a special place to keep it. Throughout the program people can leave messages and the children can keep their important information in the badge holders and badge lanyards. At the end they have a nifty reminder of how they spent their time.
In schools or summer camps, badge holders become a necessary accessory for children. Having the kids wear the items allows for easy identification and also prevents the child from losing important identification and documents.
Not only will the children love these ID holders, but the adults involved will like the price. Badge holders and badge lanyards are very inexpensive at many online outlets. For just a few cents each custom badge lanyards and badge holders can be designed to fit any need you may have. Give them out for Holidays, use them as school gifts, or for summer or church camps. They even make great thank you gifts or goody bag stuffers at birthday parties. The more you order the cheaper they are so some even choose to order them in neutral colors with generic pictures or messages and reuse them for many occasions.
If you feel that your group of children would love badge holders and badge lanyards check out the variety available online right away. However, as the badge holders and badge lanyards are to be used for children, it is highly recommended that you order them with a "breakaway" feature. This is a snap attachment in the back which allows badge lanyard to come apart if pulled. This feature will prevent the lanyard from choking the user if it gets caught on something, such as a tree limb. Also, one should make sure there are no small removable attachments on the badge lanyards, which can present a chocking hazard for very young children. Additionally if they will include metal you need to make sure there are no sharp edges. In the case of badge holders for children, it is better to pay a little more to get extra safety features.

If you are looking for badge holders and badge lanyards, go to the Lanyard store where you will find an amazing variety available.

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