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Published: 08th April 2015
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Business cards are usually printed on card stock. There are many options for printing different business cards. There are different customs in giving business cards in different cultures of the world. Business cards are used by us for formal introductions. In the old times, visiting cards were used by people when they called on each otherís houses. These visiting cards used to be playing cards on which people signed on and wrote personal messages or intent of their visits. Trading cards were also used in the old times for the marketing of small businesses specially. Merchants used these cards to help guide their customers reach their shops in the city and also inform them of their special items or prices. These uses of business cards died down with the advent of other potent media such as newspapers for marketing and advertisement. If we talk about the modern times, when you give your business card to someone, you still are doing your own marketing and advertisement. Many people use their business cards as a direct means of advertisement. People who do house item repairing or selling commonly use business cards as marketing tools. Some professions of self employment specially rely on the use of these business cards such as plumbers, realtors and mechanics for example.

Business cards were usually kept by people who were at a higher position in a society in old times. It was expensive to have business cards printed for you and these were exclusively used by people of high social status and position. The use of business cards was not common among ordinary people before they became very cheap and very easily available. Modern digital printing has really reduced the cost of printing business cards. It has also made it easier to prepare and design your own business card. You can then have a professional company print out your designed business card for you according to your budget and preferences. The use of colors is quite common in the cards of today. People love to show their creativity in their business cards. Some people like engraved letters in their business cards and they are happy to spend extra money to have special quality business cards. These people want premium business cards and willingly pay for them so there is a market for both expensive and cheap business cards. Cheaper business cards are required by normal people of the society who use these business cards as references and important tools to share personal contact information with important people likely to be professionally helpful or for the generation of sales.

These days, there are two primary methods of printing business cards. The first method is offset printing which is usually more expensive and produces a higher quality output. Offset printing presses requires some initial preparation before the start of printing and generally use high quality spot colors for printing. Digital printing is the second method which was inferior to offset printing in the recent past. If we talk about the latest market trend, many manufacturers have prepared special digital printing presses that are providing almost the same quality as provided by offset printing presses. The cost of digital printing is also fixed for any number of prints and therefore this method is much cheaper for ordinary people who just want a few hundred prints at maximum for their business cards.

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