Brewery Promotion Using Either Custom Pint Glasses Or Custom Beer Tasting Glasses

Published: 09th October 2009
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Micro breweries and wineries seem to be springing up everywhere. If you want to set your business apart from the rest, consider custom beer tasting glasses or custom pint glasses imprinted with your company's name and logo. It's a great way to demonstrate the pride you take in your product. If you buy bulk glassware, you can usually get a great price on these kinds of custom glasses for sale at your business or give them as gifts to special patrons.

Imprinting your name and logo on bulk glassware is less expensive than you may think and it's a great promotional tool. In addition to beer tasting glasses you can get custom champagne glasses, mugs and other glassware all imprinted with your company name and logo. In bulk glassware is cheap enough to use in giveaways or as prizes at special events you hold during the year.

If you own a restaurant with a micro brewery, you know how competitive this business can be. You need every edge you can find. Beer tasting glasses imprinted with your business name and logo are an inexpensive way to stand out from the crowd. It shows that you care about details and that you are proud of your business.

Offering custom pint glasses is another alternative to consider. Custom pint glasses may not bring the sense of elegance to more expensive boutique types of beers. However, custom pint glasses can be used for other purposes, such as for water or soft drinks served to dinner patrons.

While wine glasses are usually fairly standard (with some variances in style), there are at least 18 different types of beer glasses which are intended to be used with different beers. If you pride yourself on your knowledge of beer and offer your beer as a gourmet brand, you need to know what types of glasses will highlight which beer. You should have separate custom beer glasses for each type of beer. This showcases your knowledge of beer, gives your customers an educational experience they'll remember and gives credence to your claim as a gourmet brand. Thus, custom beer glasses can help provide other ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

In fact, micro breweries are not unlike small exclusive wineries. If wine connoisseurs attend a tasting at a winery, they are usually knowledgeable enough about wine to know the proper glass for serving each wine. More beer drinkers are becoming connoisseurs and will know if you serve a beer in the wrong glass. You have to show yourself to be at least as knowledgeable as your customers.

In this business it's necessary to buy bulk glassware since you will use a lot of glassware during the course of a lunch or dinner shift. If you schedule beer or wine tasting events, you'll want to have the right glasses and you'll need enough glasses to serve all your customers. Having your beer tasting glasses, or custom pint glasses imprinted is quite inexpensive because you buy the glassware in bulk.

In order to get the best prices on your printed beer glasses or custom pint glasses, you should use a reputable supplier who can meet all of your needs. A good custom glassware supplier will be able to provide you with professional graphic services, as well as samples of the artwork before the glasses are imprinted. You'll want to purchase all of your glassware from the same supplier, which will save you money and time on future graphic preparations. A good custom glassware supplier will save the screen from your imprint so that you will not incur set-up costs on future orders. You'll also want a supplier who can provide a clear and permanent imprint on your custom glassware. There are lots of suppliers for imprinted bulk glassware, but not everyone can imprint you logo on your beer tasting glasses and pint glasses. You'll need to shop around and consider price, quality and selection before deciding which supplier to use.


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