Choosing Between Wallpaper Damask And Striped Wallpaper

Published: 07th September 2011
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Do you have to choose between wallpaper damask and striped wallpaper? Not really, actually you can have both of these styles in your home as long as you stay within the same colour scheme. While you do not want a bunch of wild patterns to go throughout your house, you can break it up and have different styles of paper in different rooms. This way it does not look as though you have a very limited imagination or that you purchased a great deal of the same paper. You want your home to reflect your personality as well as your colour choices. Choosing several different styles of paper for different rooms will look attractive, but you should maintain the same colours throughout the house.

The way that professional designers go about decorating a house is to choose three main colours that will be represented in every room of the home. These colours are usually complimentary colours on the colour wheel, which means that they are opposite one another on this spectrum. You should always choose colors that you like and stay with either pastels or brights, depending on your preference. You can then choose wallpaper damask or even striped wallpaper that reflects these choices. In some rooms, you can actually hang both striped as well as floral paper with a wood divider to break up the papers. This goes particularly well in larger rooms where you want to break up the pattern a bit.

In addition, you can also paint one wall in a room and cover others with wallpaper. One thing that wallpaper adds to a home in addition to warmth and style is that it covers imperfections in the walls much better than paint. If you have existing wallpaper on the walls, then the thing to do is to remove it so that you can hang new paper. In some cases, you may not be able to remove the paper easily without marring the walls considerably. In such a case, it is acceptable to prime the walls over the existing paper and then add new paper. Some older homes may have several layers of paper on them, making it exceedingly difficult to remove. While removing existing paper and replacing it with new is preferred, it may be more trouble than it is worth to do this in some homes.

Choose good quality wallpaper. This does not mean that you have to spend a fortune for the paper at all if you go online to make your purchase. You get a better deal when you purchase wallpaper online than you will if you purchase off line. In fact, the savings that you will incur will be substantial in this regard. Find a good outlet where you can get different styles and colours of paper, measure your rooms so that you know how much to get and then place your order. You can then hang the paper yourself or have a paper hanger come out and hang the paper for you. Either way, you will save money over simply going to a home designer and having them do everything for you as the paper that you get online is the same quality, but less expensive.

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You can use both Wallpaper damask as well as Striped wallpaper in your home as long as you go within the same colour scheme. To find out where to get the best paper at the best price go to Your 4 Walls.

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