Cork in Yoga and Fitness Studios

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Published: 06th August 2012
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Many yoga and fitness studios are discovering the utility and comfort of a cork floor and today you will find that cork flooring has been installed in numerous yoga studios and exercise centers around Canada and the U.S. What is it that makes cork the material of choice for these purposes? A look at the properties of cork will reveal some surprising answers.

One of the things that are necessary in exercise centers and gyms is a flooring surface that is shock absorbent. This is so that there is minimal damage to the joints during any exercise especially during high impact exercise routines. Cork flooring has proven to be the ideal surface on which to hold fitness sessions. Impact resistance is the hallmark of Cork flooring products. This natural ability of cork is perfectly suited for fitness spaces designed to reduce heavy impact on the joints. Cork’s cushiony warmth adds to the serene flow of the yoga studio.

Cork is essentially comprised of layers of dead cells that are irregularly shaped. These cells have an average of 14 sides each and they are packed together in a structure that closely resembles a honeycomb. The irregular shapes of the cells however, do not allow them to be as tightly packed as a honeycomb so it has a lot of spaces in between. Because of this unique structure, cork contains a lot of empty spaces, which gives it a lower density and also give it a more cushiony effect because of the large amount of air trapped in all of the spaces between the cells. This also gives cork additional insulation against noise and temperature as well.

Its sound absorption excels at corralling the heart pounding beats of Zumba so as not to interfering with the tranquility of the yoga studio or from concentration of the Tai Qui forms being produced down the hall.

Another predominant property of cork that makes it the preferred material in yoga and fitness studios is that it is very resilient. Any dents that may be formed by high impact or by high heels or heavy furniture are just temporary. After some time, the compressed air expands and the cork structure regains its original structure and form. This allows cork flooring to outlast most other flooring.

Cork is nature’s work-out flooring. It is very easy to install and just as easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and mopping with a slightly damp mop will keep it looking clean and good. Its inherent anti-microbial properties come to the fore when placed in areas exposed to skin and sweat. Viruses and bacteria find cork and its suberin (a waxy substance produced by plants) a hostile environment to set up colonies.

These days, when people everywhere are getting increasingly more health conscious, there are several concerns that arise around healthy products and healthy lifestyles. Everybody is looking to make healthy choices, whether it is in their homes or their work place and especially when it comes to your workout space, it doesn’t make sense to install a floor with little or no health benefits in an environment designed for health aficionados.

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