Do you need an Asbestos Register?

Published: 17th June 2010
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Most people have not heard of an asbestos register and do not understand what it might be. First, most people recognize that asbestos has a bad reputation. This reputation is certainly warranted. Asbestos has been found to be very dangerous to everyone's health. The fibers of asbestos break down and can make their way into the lungs of people who may not even realize the problem. Certain occupations may be more likely to be at risk. Firefighters, construction workers, and surveyors may be exposed to asbestos.

Two ways to combat the risk involve the implementation of an asbestos register and an asbestos management plan. The plan will specify specific instructions for dealing with asbestos materials. The plan will determine how to remove and dispose of the dangerous material without placing anyone at a greater risk than is necessary. Anyone who hires a company to provide an asbestos survey will also be able to take advantage of an asbestos management plan. Even if you do not seek a professional for help, you can still create your own asbestos register. The asbestos register needs to be kept up to date.

The more information that can be included in the asbestos register will make it a better tool. If you think that you do not need an asbestos register, you would be wrong. Asbestos does not always have to be removed when it is found to be in place in a building. The register will detail where the asbestos is and as long as the asbestos is kept from being interacted with, it is not a danger. Most companies that provide an asbestos survey will provide an asbestos management plan that should also have an asbestos register as part of its system.

Many companies that do renovations on older buildings realize the importance of an asbestos management plan. Keeping the renovations as safe and simple as possible is made easier with the implementation of a good asbestos management plan. It will take possibly decades before all remaining asbestos is removed from the older buildings. Even buildings that have been renovated in the past are still possible locations that could expose individuals to asbestos. When the previous renovations may have been completed, asbestos was not the concern that it is today.

Do you need an asbestos register? The simple answer to this question is yes you do. Why take any chances when there are so many tools available that can help prevent unnecessary exposure to asbestos fibers. The asbestos survey and register are just two of the opportunities that are made available to everyone who needs the help. Tracking what materials are present in any location is an integral part of a successful asbestos management plan. Even cleaning supplies, paints, and other materials can have some risk of asbestos exposure. Learn which items might bring any exposure to asbestos fibers with a asbestos register. You need to protect not only yourself, but also the people you work with or those who may work for you. Asbestos is not something to ignore.

All property owners should consider the importance of using an Asbestos register . Asbestos Surveyors provide an Asbestos management plan that incorporates this great tool to help you keep yourself and others as safe as possible.

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