Dress Up Your House with Stripey Wallpaper

Published: 19th May 2011
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Have you ever thought of putting stripey wallpaper in your home? You may be pleasantly surprised at how many varieties of striped wallpaper are available to buy now. It is bold and calm, both. There are bright colours and soft muted colours. You can really dress up your house with it. It works well as an accent or as a whole room. You can put it in any room and it will look right there. It not only comes in a variety of colours but you can purchase striped wallpaper with wide stripes or thin stripes. They come both vertical and horizontal. Stripes can really make a room stand out.

It is easy to decorate with stripes. Most furnishings will look nice with stripes. Putting vases of fresh cut flowers in a room with stripey wallpaper can make quite a difference. The flowers will accent the stripes very well. Pictures and other wall hangings will be accented nicely with striped wall paper. The muted colors of striped wallpaper seem to blend together. It can be quite elegant.

If you want to try something else there is brick wallpaper. This wallpaper looks like real brick. There is something about brick that really dresses up a room. It is easy to hang pictures on wallpaper that looks like brick. If you want the look of brick but donít want to go to the expense or bother of putting up a real brick wall you should look at the brick wallpaper that is available. When you put up a real brick wall you will have a mess to clean up not to mention the money you will have to pay for it. Not only is brick look wallpaper less of a mess, it is also much cheaper. You can hang pictures on a wall with wallpaper with ease, thatís not the case with real brick. Real brick requires special tools to hang pictures.

You can get some great ideas for brick paper on the internet. You can choose a different design than plain brick. Using wallpaper that looks like brick on one wall will add texture to your room. Brick is a good choice for dens, offices, and living rooms. Men love the look of brick and with wallpaper you can have that look.

When it comes time to hang the wallpaper that you have chosen, you can hire a company to do it for you or you can do it yourself. You are going to want to measure a couple of times to assure you are getting enough wallpaper. You also will need a little extra so you can match the design properly. Make sure you hang the wallpaper straight or you will run into problems. It is easier to have at least two people working on a wallpaper project. Invite a friend over for lunch and get their help. It is always a fun job when you have good company. You will need a couple tools that are inexpensive. Hanging wallpaper yourself instead of hiring someone can be a rewarding experience.


You can get some great ideas for Stripey wallpaper by visiting Your 4 Walls online. They have pictures of the different wallpaper they have in stock. They can also give you pointers on hanging Brick Wallpaper or any other type you choose.

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