Floral Or Striped Wallpaper: How The Design Can Make The Room

Published: 22nd August 2011
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When it comes to rejuvenating the look of any room, the subtlest change can go a long way to altering the perception of any viewer. Whether you go with new furniture, a new area rug or even a trendy new wallpaper floral design, the result can be amazing. A little planning in advance, along with a good eye for staging, and you will find yourself designing rooms like a pro in no time.

The pattern is the thing

The thing about using patterns as focal points in a room is that there must be a synchronicity to it all. Striped wallpaper can be a wonderful tool to accomplish this, and there is no longer any hard and fast rule that it must be used in a specific way. Want to make a small room appear larger? Use a bold stripe pattern in a vivid way to trick the eye into seeing space where there is very little. For example, paint all of the walls in a small room a pale pastel color. Once everything is dry, use swaths of wallpaper with a bold striped pattern on the diagonal or zig-zag pattern to exaggerate height from floor to ceiling. The effect is to bring the eye to the ceiling, no matter where you look, giving the ceiling height it truly does not have, and tricking the brain into thinking that the room is larger than it truly is.

You can also open up a room to look lighter than it might be by accenting walls by adding a wallpaper floral motif done in bright colors. For example, using a floral pattern as panels on an otherwise blandly colored wall will highlight anything placed in front of it, be it a couch or a cabinet. To create the panels, choose a pattern with large flowers of various colors. Measure out a three to four foot width, extending about three quarters of the way up the wall, cut at the top in a slight arch pattern. The overall look will emulate fabric panels, like those used in room length screens. Very striking, and will make any furniture or accents placed in front of it pop out.

Not just for walls any longer

Another bold decorating statement that you can make in any room by using either a striped or floral pattern is use those prints in a non-traditional way. Say that the cost of completely redecorating a room with new wallpaper or paint is currently impossible, because of cost. The good news is that most outlets today have sample pieces available for cheap, and these samples can be employed as the full set would be, just in a more limited fashion.

They can be used as a border on a flat matte wall to spice things up, or mount them on canvas to create a trendy mosaic focal piece. Or used in a brick pattern to focus attention on a fixture, like a built-in cabinet or fireplace, outlined by the wallpaper samples geometrically.

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