Four Reasons Why You Should Choose AVAYA IP Office For Your Business

Published: 12th April 2011
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In the worlds of economics and consumerism, trust is becoming a difficult commodity to come by. Previously, when big retailers had not yet become the giant corporations that we know so well today and the majority of business was done by family-run stores that had only a single location, trust was something that was implicit in a business transaction, given the personal level on which it was done. Today, however, trust in business is becoming increasingly rare and it pays to know as much as you possibly can about any business transaction that you might be contemplating. When it comes to AVAYA IP Office and telephone systems that would be best for your business, this means knowing the reasons why you should choose AVAYA IP Office over other, competing brands.

The first reason why the AVAYA IP Office solutions should be your choice of telephone systems is the way in which the manufacture and design of these systems were executed. Instead of simply scaling down a phone system that was actually meant for implementation in a larger company, these systems specifically target small and medium businesses and they do so by being specifically designed for businesses of that size and scale. This means that the unique needs of small and medium businesses will all be addressed by these systems, instead of these needs simply being glossed over by the purported superiority of an expensive product originally meant to be used in a different business context.

Another excellent reason why you should choose AVAYA IP Office over other competing telephone systems is the set of features and functionality that this system provides. Instead of simply providing the minimum functionality necessary for an office telephone system, the AVAYA system provides full functionality, with a full set of feature similar to those found in much more expensive systems designed for use in larger businesses.

Reliability is a keyword when it comes to AVAYA IP Office, and by purchasing this system you also purchase a world of reliability and reputable service. Eliminating communications gaps during which customers are unable to reach your business is one of the main reasons for purchasing an office telephone system in the first place, and this system in particular aims to ensure that no customer is ever unable to get through to your office due to technical difficulties ever again.

A well organized and properly implemented office telephone system is a great way to ensure that employee’s abide by company rules and only use office lines to communicate with customers. In some businesses without a proper office telephone system, many employees have become so frustrated in struggling with the communications infrastructure present in the office that they begin to communicate with customers using personal phones. This presents an unprofessional image to consumers, and can easily be avoided with the right telephone systems.

All in all, AVAYA IP Office is the best office telephone system available on the market today for small and medium enterprises. For any business looking to install its first telephone system or to upgrade its existing telephone system, this system from AVAYA is definitely the way to go.

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Staveley Communications offers the best in office Telephone Systems in the form of the AVAYA IP Office lineup, all of which offer businesses great benefits and advantages over other, less technologically advanced systems.

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