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Published: 05th June 2009
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Handbags are a woman's true friend. They are a creation of necessity as opposed to just being a frivolous accessory. The prada handbags take this bare truth into account before coming up with their designer creations. That is one of the most discerning factors which set the prada bags and prada handbags apart from the rest of designer brands.

Prada handbags are a fashion statement in the elite society. They do not come cheap, but the very fact that celebrities like Uma Thermon are seen lovingly toting these Prada bags to all the happening dos makes them worth every penny you spend on them. The fact that Prada handbags are coveted by celebrities is not by any means the only reason for its popularity. These Prada handbags are exquisite creations which combine both elegance and basic utility into one lovely package.

Prada has been a household name in the most elite circles for several years. Mario Prada started the brand somewhere in 1913. This company is most famous for its handbags and this is exactly what the Prada label originally dealt in. However, it has diversified and extended a lot from the time of its origin, prada handbags are still what this brand is most famous for. Though Mario Prada was the founder, it was his daughter Miuccia Prada who pole vaulted the brand to a billion dollar business.

Miuccia Prada was the lady who came up with the idea of black nylon Prada bags. These bags are the envy and pride of millions of women around the globe. It is one of the most coveted and highly priced bags of all times. These nylon Prada handbags are made from a fabric 'Pocone' and are unbelievably soft. Teem any old outfit with a lovely black nylon Prada bag and what you have is an instant chic look.

The Prada brand is all about class, sophistication and luxury. Their handbags can make any outfit come together and look elegant. Apart from being the hallmark of elegance the Prada bags are also very spacious and designed with utmost care to ensure a great storage capacity for all the million things that a woman just has to carry in her purse. They are absolutely streamlined; their classic, straight designs are legendary.

There are hundreds of brands out there who can provide you with great looking handbags and purses. However, class is always determined not merely by the outer looks but more so by what you are inside. Most of the so called designer brands pride us with beautiful purses with cheap and ugly inner linings. Prada comes through for the modern woman by making its handbags just as classy from within as from outside. Their linings are made from pure leather. Every material used in the making of a Prada bag is of the utmost quality and every bag a unique piece in itself. These are not machine tailored run of the mill pieces; instead each one of the Prada handbags is a unique, hand crafted piece of art.

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