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Published: 15th June 2009
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What is a BerkelBike? A BerkelBike is a cross between a handcycle and a recumbent bike. A BerkelBike handcycle is a type of tricycle that is moved using power from the arms and legs. The arm handles are used for propulsion as well as for steering which is exactly how a handcycle works. You operate the BerkelBike Handcycle as you would operate any bicycle. Every bit of strength added with your legs can be favorable. This will allow you to exercise your legs and your health with the maximum effect. There is also a smart device which will attach to your feet to insure that they do not slip off the pedals whenever you are pedaling. When riding a BerkelBike handcycle your posture is high and more upright than it would be when riding an average recumbent.

There are several different types of BerkelBike Handcyles including the BerkelBike Handcycle Classic. The BerkelBike Classic can be attached to your own wheelchair which is very similar to an attachable handcycle. People with a spinal cord injury will be pleased to discover that the BerkelBike Classic can be equipped with the 'Impuls' system. The 'Implus' system can help to reactivate paralyzed leg muscles. This will allow your legs to become active again.

It is possible to use the BerkelBike Classic handcycle indoors and outdoors. This particular handcycle can e.g. be connected to a cycle trainer which connects to your laptop or computer. Connecting it to this cycle trainer will give you the ability to use the handcycle with a number of virtual reality and training software packages.

The BerkelBike Pro is a bit different since it has a wider wheelbase making it a safer and more stable tricycle. The BerkelBike Pro is also suitable for sports use and you can easily and quickly adjust the backrest and seat position when you are sitting in the seat.The adjustable seat of the BerkelBike Pro handcycle makes it ideal for rehabilitation clinics. This particular bike has a total of eight gears and can be used with the 'Impuls' system as well as the cycle trainer.

The BerkelBike Home is the ultimate training handcycle that can be used from an electric wheelchair. This particular bike is equipped with special handgrips which are designed for people that have impaired hand functions. The BerkelBike Home can be used with the advanced 'Impuls' system. The BerkelBike 'Impuls' system is only for people that have a spinal cord lesion.

The BerkelBike 'Impuls' system which can be connected to any of the BerkelBike handcycles can have many positive effects on your physical and mental health and condition. Your immune system will become stronger as your physical condition improves. Your circulation will improve as muscle bulk increases which will lead to better metabolism. Use of the BerkelBike 'Impuls' over a period of time will help decrease muscle spasms and pressure sores will also become less likely. By exercising more you will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the 'Impuls' system can help you feel much better when used. Many people brag about how much more enjoyable their cycling is thanks to the 'Impuls' system.

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