How I Used Polanight To Get Whiter Teeth

Published: 16th May 2011
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I wanted to get whiter teeth and took a look at whitening products. I found Polanight and decided to give it a try. My friend used Nite White and got the same results as well. There are many products out there on the market that work to make your teeth white. Neither one of us wanted to go the dentist, like another friend, to get this done but wanted to take care of it at home.

I noticed my teeth were yellow, but never realized how yellow they really were until I started using Polanight to whiten them. My friend smokes and started using Nite White to make her teeth look better as well. Both of the products work overnight to make your teeth look whiter. I do not smoke but do drink coffee and this tends to make teeth get browner as well.

The other friend of ours went to the dentist to get her teeth whiter. This took her many visits and cost her quite a bit of money. Honestly, I cannot say that her teeth look any better than mine or my other friend who used the different whitening product that we both purchased over the counter. It took me a week to really start to notice the results but the product was really easy to use.

My friend who smokes really had a hard time with her teeth as they were quite yellow from the smoke. She also has a much whiter smile thanks to the teeth whitening product that she used. Like me, she started to see significant results in about a week. Both of us agree that these products are inexpensive to use as well as easy when it comes to application.

I just followed the directions on the package and used the product accordingly to get whiter teeth. I was quite pleased with the results that I achieved and am happy to know that I can have whiter teeth whenever I want simply by using these products. Those who want to have white teeth can get them either by visiting the dentist who can use lasers or chemicals to whiten the teeth or they can use products that my friend and I used to get the results that they are looking for. I recommend the over the counter products because I have used one of them, a friend has used another and I know others who have used other products that also have worked for them. While it may take a bit longer to get the teeth whiter than laser treatments at the cosmetic dentist, the cost is minimal compared to going to a dentist. For this reason as well as the time saved in doing this at night, I think people are better off to use a product that they can buy over the counter or online when it comes to getting whiter teeth. These products are only a click away when you order them online and you can also find out more about how they work in this way as well.

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I usedPolanight to get whiter teeth and it worked. You can find out about this as well as products like Nite white when you go to Pro White Smile.

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