How To Choose The Right Resort In Patong For Your Upcoming Wedding

Published: 10th March 2011
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Destination weddings can be fun and relaxing. You can celebrate your love by exchanging vows in a beautiful and tropical location and then enjoy the rest of your stay as your honeymoon. Choosing the right Phuket accomodations can really help to ensure that your celebration is as beautiful and meaningful as possible. Here are some suggestions you can use to choose the right resort in Patong to use as a location for your wedding.

Because your wedding is such an important day, it is important to make sure that you have selected the right Phuket accomodations. You want to make sure that the Phuket accomodations that you choose will offer high- quality for the price. The resort in Patong that you choose should have beautiful rooms that you will want to stay in, as well as beautiful outdoor areas that would be perfectly suitable to hold a ceremony. You may want to consider getting married on the beach or in a garden setting. Whichever area you prefer, the resort in Patong where you will be staying, needs to have this kind of space available.

You also want to make sure that there are other amenities available at the Phuket accomodations. A spa facility that offers different skin and beauty treatments can be a wonderful option that many couples can enjoy together. Think about how fantastic it can be to have a massage or other beauty treatments to relax and feel refreshed before the wedding ceremony.

Planning your reception is also important. Great restaurants are important but privacy is also a key factor when planning a reception. Look for a resort in Patong that has a private reception area. This may be a separate space or a room in one of the resortís regular restaurants. Being able to enjoy a meal with friends and family following the ceremony is essential to any destination wedding. Some resorts may not have the ability to accommodate a private meal so you should never just assume that you will be able to dine privately. If you are able to find a restaurant that will allow you dine privately, you should ask whether you will be choosing your meal from the regular menu or whether they are able to prepare special dishes for your wedding.

You may find that planning your celebration is much easier if you choose a resort or hotel that has a wedding planner on staff. They can assist you with arranging details such as flowers, decorations and your menu. You may need them to help arrange or plan for any paperwork that will make your wedding legally binding or in finding a caterer, wedding cake or any other special requests to make your day perfect.

Getting married in Phuket can be incredibly beautiful and the right resort can make the entire experience a very relaxing and memorable one. Whether you choose to have a small and intimate ceremony on a beach or whether you are planning a larger, more lavish affair surrounded by friends and family, the right resort or hotel can play a massive role in the event itself.

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