How To Co-Ordinate Your Living Room and Dining Room Furniture

Published: 11th September 2009
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Decorating your home can be a stressful experience. It can be tough to co-ordinate all the furniture in one room let alone establish a good flow between more than one. But with today's open concept architecture, it is often necessary to make sure that your living room furniture and dining room furniture complement each other. Here are a few suggestions to make the process simpler.

One suggestion is to make sure that your living room furniture is designed in a similar style to your dining room furniture. If one is very modern, the other should be as well. You want a good flow between the two rooms and if there is a huge style difference the effect can be jarring.

You also want to make sure that the choices you make in your furniture will be ones you can live with for some time. Living room furniture can be very expensive as can dining room furniture. The pieces you choose should be ones that stand the test of time. Use trendy accent pieces like throw pillows or area rugs to keep in touch with what is cutting edge. The new hot colour may not be so hot in a season. If all you replace are throw pillows you are saving yourself money. Trendy living room furniture can make your room look dated very rapidly. Dining room furniture is more timeless.

One key way to co-ordinate the two rooms is to use similar woods in both types of furniture. Some wood colours will clash with each other and again you will end up with a jarring effect. But you need to be careful. If you have dining room furniture that is full of dark wood, it can begin to look heavy especially if your living room furniture is also dark. If you place those in rooms with dark flooring and dark walls, you may find that your room begins to look smaller and weighed down.

You should also pay attention to the scale of your furniture in relation to the size of your room. If your rooms are smaller, then using living room furniture that is oversized can make the area look crowded. If you know that you will be hosting large parties, dining room furniture that is dominated by a huge table may not be your best option. You may need to look at alternate ways to seat your guests, and being creative with both your living room and dining room furniture can be a way to mesh the two together.

Finding a way to co-ordinate your living room furniture with your dining room furniture can take some thought and research. Finding a store which sells both is a good start since it will allow you to see how certain pieces look with each other. Another key is to have a good, to-scale size diagram of your rooms. This way you can juggle furniture placement before you get it home. Creativity is the key to creating a comfortable and co-ordinated living space.

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