How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Published: 19th March 2009
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Do your eyes consistently look like you have spent the entire day crying? If so, you are not alone. There can be many reasons why your eyes look puffy and swollen. Many are lifestyle choices, while others are environmental. There are puffy eyes remedies that can help and one is to use a puffy eyes cream.

The last thing most people want to see in the morning when they look in the mirror is a set of puffy eyes looking back at them. Normally, puffy eyes aren't a sign of a serious medical condition, but are usually a temporary cosmetic concern. However, this doesn't make them anymore acceptable to most people, especially women.

There are several causes of puffy eyes. Fluid retention is one of the most common. This can be due to hormone levels or a change in the weather. Allergies or eczema also can contribute to puffy eyes. Heredity plays a big part; if your parents had puffy eyes, you are more likely to have them as well. Even certain medications can cause this condition.

Puffy eyes remedies include lifestyle changes or a puffy eyes cream. One of the puffy eyes remedies is to raise your head slightly with an extra pillow when you sleep. This can help to reduce the fluid retention under and around your eyes. Make sure you get enough rest, as this can add to the fluid retention and weaken the skin around your eyes.

Some of the homeopathic puffy eyes remedies include cucumber slices, wet tea bags, and gel eye masks. However, in order to relieve the puffiness quickly, a puffy eyes cream may be better suited. Many of the homeopathic remedies will only provide short term results and you may find you are sensitive to some of these types of remedies.

In order for a puffy eyes cream to work effectively, it should include some specific ingredients. Aloe, emu oil, and coconut oil all will help promote improved health of this sensitive area of the body. Green tea extract will help to firm up the skin cells around the eyes. This will help to reduce the fluid retention. Vitamin E and C, as well jojoba, will firm up the skin around the eyes, which helps to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Since this area of the body is so sensitive, it is prone to damage very easily. Puffy eyes cream will repair the small tears to the blood vessels and skin around the eyes, which will alleviate some of the fluid retention. These tears can happen very easily, but they are microscopic, so you can't see them with the naked eye.

One of the best puffy eyes remedies is to quit touching, rubbing, and itching your eyes. This can add to the damage to this sensitive tissue. In order to repair the damage that is already there, you will need to be sure the puffy eyes cream you use contains the above ingredients.

Puffy eyes can make your face look as though it aged prematurely. By using the right puffy eyes cream and following some simple puffy eyes remedies, you will quickly see a marked improvement. You don't have to simply deal with puffy eyes. You can take care of this condition quickly and effectively. Isn't it time you started looking the way you feel?

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Puffy eyes remedies can include lifestyle changes and cosmetic products, such as a puffy eyes cream . You can see results rather quickly when you combine the two.

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