How To Keep Your Python Handbag Looking New

Published: 15th October 2009
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Python handbags are a great fashion accessory but they are not cheap. Snakeskin is a fragile leather and requires special care to keep it looking new so you can use your handbag for years to come. If properly cared for there is no reason your python clutch or handbag can't last for decades. Here are some tips for the care and cleaning of python handbags.

Avoid exposing your handbag to direct sunlight as much as possible. UV light is harmful to all types of skin including leathers and snakeskin. It will cause the skin to dry out and turn yellow and the scales may lift. Once this occurs, it may be impossible to restore your python handbag to its original appearance.

Never store a python clutch or handbag in plastic. Snakeskin needs to breathe and plastic prevents air from getting to the skin. Wrap the handbag in acid free tissue paper and store in a cardboard container to preserve the color and appearance.

Always store exotic leathers in a temperature controlled environment. If you have furs, you know the importance of proper storage. Exotic leathers like python need special care. Extended exposure to heat and cold will cause the skin to dry out and the scales will lift. The skin will also become fragile and your python handbag will lose its smooth, lustrous appearance.

Keep it clean. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean dust or dirt from your python clutch. In the case of a clutch it is good to clean it following each use, since oils from your hands and skin can leave a residue on the clutch. Clean the skin gently against the grain before putting the handbag away.

It is necessary to condition a python handbag regularly. Use a good quality leather conditioner. These can be purchased at most Western wear stores that carry exotic boots. The conditioner will prevent the skin from drying out and help keep it looking like new. If you use your python clutch or handbag regularly, you should condition it about once a month. If you use it less often, you should condition it at least once every 6 months. Conditioner should be applied against the grain.

If your python clutch has lost its luster, it can be polished back to its new appearance. It will require a specially formulated leather polish. As with the conditioners and exotic leather cleaners, the polish is usually available where exotic leather boots are sold. The polish should be applied and buffed with the grain or in the growing direction of the scales.

Avoid getting lotion or oils on your python handbag as it may be impossible to remove. Also avoid exposure to alcohol or acetone which can permanently damage the skin. It you have a stain or dirt on your handbag which you can't remove, take it to cleaner that specializes in exotic leathers.

If a lacquer finish has been applied to you python handbag, see a leather care specialist for care instructions.

With proper cleaning and storage, your leather handbag should remain beautiful for years to come. You can occasionally find vintage python clutches and handbags that are 40 or 50 years old. Good care will extend the life of your handbag.

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