Integrated V/S Modular Flight Training

Published: 10th May 2011
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You know that you want to learn how to fly. So far, thatís the easy part. Once youíve made that decision, you know that the next step is finding a flight training program that is convenient and affordable for you. This is easier said than done. When you start your search for an appropriate pilot training school, you will find that there are several such schools and each of them offer a vast array of choices and combinations of courses all of which have different durations and different fees too. So how do you decide which one is right for you? You will have to first determine your own time and money constraints and only then look for a flying course that fits within those limits.

One of the many things you will have to decide on is whether you should do a modular flight training program or an integrated flight program. Letís discuss the pros and cons of each type.

An integrated pilot training course is a full time program with a set syllabus and a fixed schedule. Most flying schools that offer this program will require you to first go through a selection process before they admit you. Once you are through, you will your entire flight training through the same school.

There are several advantages of joining an integrated program. For one thing, it is the shortest route to obtaining your pilotís license and once you select your school, this can be the most convenient. Typically the duration of these courses is about twelve to eighteen months and they cover everything you need to know so you do not have to go around searching for another school every so often. In addition, you will enjoy the advantages of several perks such as resume writing that are often included in the course.

The disadvantage of an integrated program is that it can be expensive so you cannot afford to make a mistake. You need to be very, very careful before you decide which school you want to enroll in as you will usually be required to pay the fees upfront and if you find later that you made a wrong choice, the money will not be refunded. You will also need to have the money to pay the fees right at the beginning. This can be a significant amount.

With modular training, as the name suggests, the training can be done in modules. Modular flying programs allow you to work around your time and money constraints. You can choose to do your PPL or basic flying license first at one particular school and then do the next course in another school. This allows you to pick and choose your schools depending upon the course fees as well as their schedules and you can even work in between flying courses so you can earn some money towards the fees.

This is a slower process and it could take you a couple of years to get your full license but it allows you to get there at your pace without committing to a full time course. It also gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn.


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