IRS Tax Recovery For Canadians - US Gambling Tax

Published: 05th February 2010
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The IRS tax recovery for Canadians deals with the US gambling tax for those who are legal residents of Canada and who have won money at the US casinos. Each year, many people from Canada travel to the United States to places like Las Vegas and Reno so that they can enjoy the sunshine as well as the many gambling casinos. When they win money at the casinos, the first thing that is taken from their winnings is the tax from the internal revenue service. This amounts to 30 percent of the winnings. Those who pay the US gambling tax will receive a win slip from the casino explaining the amount that they won and the tax that was taken from their winnings.

Those who are not residents of the United States and can prove that they are legal residents of another country at the time of their winnings can get a refund of the US gambling tax. The IRS tax recovery for Canadians will entitle them to regain the tax that they paid through the internal revenue service. Unfortunately, most US citizens do not like to deal with the IRS and find it frustrating, let alone someone from Canada who does not understand how this federal taxing entity works. This is why it is best for those who are looking for IRS tax recovery for Canadians get some help when they are looking for a refund for their US gambling tax.

Using a firm can help you cut through the red tape and get your refund of your US gambling tax quicker than if you try to do this on your own. The IRS tax recovery for Canadians entails filing a bunch of paperwork with the right department of the IRS and waiting while they lose the paperwork and ask for more information or play the waiting game and hope that you will give up on your quest. When you use a firm that knows how to deal with the IRS when it comes to the US gambling tax, you stand a much better chance of getting your IRS tax recovery for Canadians quicker and getting the most money to which you are entitled. You have nothing to lose by this process and can gain back a significant amount of your winnings that were taken in taxes at the casino.

You do have to request the US gambling tax refund in a certain period of time, although the firm that you use can even help you obtain your win slip if you are seeking the IRS tax recovery for Canadians. You can get money that you thought was lost to you when you take advantage of this services that will help Canadian residents regain the money that was withheld in US gambling tax that they won when they were gambling in the United States. The IRS tax recovery for Canadians is one way that residents of Canada can get back the money that was withheld when they won at legal gambling in the United States.


If you are looking for the irs tax recovery for canadians, you can use a firm that will help you with this process. You can get a refund of the us gambling tax that you paid if you are not a US citizen if you go to US Tax Recovery.

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