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Published: 22nd January 2009
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Are you afraid of driving out your new car because of fear of scrapes or dents? Are you a newbie in driving and so finding problem while reversing? If any of your answer is yes and you are looking for a perfect solution, then it is inevitable to go for electromagnetic parking sensors offered by ParkingDynamics.

Electromagnetic parking sensors act as perfect aid for avoiding accidents or collision while reversing or parking. There are many car parking sensors providing companies in the market, however if you looking for world's first patent protected electromagnetic parking sensor, then it is only available at ParkingDynamics.

ParkingDynamics PD1 car parking sensors are Discreet, Unique, 100% Reliable, No-Drill (invisible when fitted) Car Parking Sensors. With the help of these extraordinary sensors one can easily and effortlessly remove the risk out of parking and reversing.

PD1 offers amazing 5 sensor pack options to enable even a beginner protect his car in the perfect manner while reversing or parking in a small parking area. The 5 sensor pack options are: front, rear, vision-rear, front and rear pack and finally front and vision-rear pack. With the help of these options, it is guarantee that you can enjoy driving without fear of bumps, scrapes and collision, especially while reversing or turning in a busy area.

Working of electromagnetic parking sensors:

The ParkingDynamics PD1 is a revolutionary concept that works on the principle of use of electromagnetic waves with low energy.

This technology gets activated as soon as reverse gear is selected and the small electronic control unit generates an electromagnetic field and transfers this to the transceiver adhesive tape that is placed on the inner side of and run the length of the bumper. In order to activate the PD1 front sensor, there is a switch available that offers the same action as done in reverse sensor.

The magnetic tape in the shape of antenna sends out an elliptical electromagnetic field to cover the full area around the bumper, front, rear as well as sides. The transceiver antenna tape works by sending and receiving unlike ultrasonic parking and reverse sensors that require 2 types of sensors, one to send and one to receive. Thus as soon as any obstacle is monitored by the ECU the information is sent to the driver with the help of audible tones. Thus by that way the driver can save his vehicle.

Get car parking sensors from ParkingDynamics now:

If you are interested in going for a safe drive and you want to witness the superiority of car parking sensors from ParkingDynamics, then it is surely the right decision. In addition if you want to know more about the important features of ParkingDynamics, then the following points can assist you a lot:

1. Unparalleled quality: The first and the most important feature of electromagnetic parking sensors offered by ParkingDynamics is that they are of unparalleled quality. It is important to note that these sensors even work perfectly in odd climatic conditions like heavy rain.

2. Best prices: Price is no doubt the most important factor that decides if a person can go for buying a particular product or not. ParkingDynamics is offering sensors that are not only best in quality but excellent in prices as well. So what else you need?

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Electromagnetic parking sensors from ParkingDynamics are extraordinary and 100% original car parking sensors .

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