Make a Room Stand Out with Brick Wallpaper

Published: 19th May 2011
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Brick walls look great in a house. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to have them put in. Not only is it the expense, but they are hard to clean too. You have to scrub them often in order to keep them looking nice. There is a way to have brick walls without all of the hassle. You can use brick wallpaper in place of brick walls. It looks like real brick but you donít have the expense or the problems keeping it clean.

Brick look wallpaper will look good in any room and is especially nice in the kitchen and the den. You can do just one wall or all the walls in that room. You are sure to be happy with the outcome when you use this wallpaper. Unlike real brick it is easy to decorate with wall hangings or mirrors on the walls. It is just a matter of hammering a few small nails into the wall. If you want to hang something on real brick walls you will have to get special tools to do it.

Men are fond of brick but donít like that they canít decorate the walls easily. Put some brick wallpaper up in their den or man cave. They are sure to like it and you will love how easy it is to keep clean. If you arenít fond of brick you may like wallpaper floral or other prints. There are so many different designs that you can choose from. You can put a different design in every room in your house. Put floral in the bedroom or living room and put stripes in the childrenís room. Use brick look in the den for the man of the house. It doesnít matter how you use wallpaper it is going to look great no matter what you put in a room.

One nice thing with wallpaper floral is that you can pick a flower and make your curtains match the colour of that flower. This really will set off the room nicely. Put vases of fresh flowers on the stands in that room and you will be all set. Flowers are always nice in a room.

When it comes time to cleaning the wallpaper, you need only dust it off most of the time. Once in a while you may end up with some grime or fingerprints on the walls. All you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth to get it clean and make it look brand new again. When it is time to put the wallpaper up you might want to throw a wallpaper hanging party and get your friends to help you hang it. It is always easier to have some help, but you can do it yourself too. All you need is a few cheap tools to hang wallpaper. When you buy the wallpaper, you are going to want to get at least one extra roll. If you make a mistake you will have the extra roll to fall back on. Measure carefully so you donít waste any.


You can always go to a store to purchase Wallpaper floral or Brick Wallpaper . You can also buy wallpaper online. If you want to see different florals you should visit Your 4 Walls. They can give you pointers to make hanging wallpaper easier.

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