Make A Statement With Floral Wallpaper

Published: 25th August 2011
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Where can you put floral wallpaper in your home? Why just about anywhere, although it looks much nicer in the living areas and bedrooms. You can also put wallpaper floral designs in the kitchen and baths, it is all a matter of preference. You may choose to paper one room in the house or the entire house. If you plan on papering more than one room, then you want to go within the same colour scheme, although you can choose different types of paper. You may want to choose stripes, florals or even those that provide a faux finish to the walls, depending upon your personal preferences.

Wallpaper floral comes in many different designs. You can choose from large florals in bright colours, such as that which is found in French Country designs or you can choose smaller prints, depending on what you like. It is a good idea to be consistent with the colours when you are using wallpaper, even floral wallpaper, throughout your house. One rule of thumb that designers will use to make sure that the look is pulled together is to choose three colours that will run throughout the house. These colours are incorporated in some way in every room to make the home look as if it has been designed by a professional.

Many people are intimidated when it comes to designing their own homes or decorating them. This is not difficult to do as long as you stay within the same colour scheme throughout. This does not mean that every room has to be the same colour, but that you run the same colours throughout the house in every room, with some of them being more dominant in one colour than another. Once you have this concept down, then you will choose wallpaper, paint and furniture to match the scheme that you have selected. You should always choose colours that you like personally and stick with either brights or pastels throughout as well. In other words, do not have pastel colours in one room and then bright colours in another room or the house will not look as though it has been designed professionally.

In addition to using this scheme in the wallpaper, you should use it with anything that you buy that will add colour to the room. When you do this, you will see how easy it is to decorate your home. Wallpaper will make your walls look nice in appearance and will also cover up any defects in the plaster under the walls. This is a better alternate than painting as it can truly cover the walls and make for easier cleaning. However, you can paint some of the rooms or some of the walls and then paper others. As long as you stay within the colour scheme that you have chosen, your home will look as though it has been designed by a professional. You should also stick with a style, such as contemporary, traditional, country or whatever you like and use that throughout the house as well.

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