Mixing Floral And Stripe Wallpaper

Published: 07th September 2011
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Do you know that you can mix floral wallpaper and stripe wallpaper in the same room? Take a look at a designer book and you will see that these two styles, that seem to clash, actually go nicely together in any room as long as they work within the same colour scheme. This breaks up the pattern a bit in the paper so it does not overwhelm the room. You never want to have the room look like the design is shouting out at you. You want to use paper to make a decorative statement without it seeming to take over the room. This is why designers will usually break up the paper hanging with trim across the lower half or upper half of the room. The bottom or top can be painted or can have another paper, that is complimentary.

One design that never goes out of fashion is to have floral wallpaper on the top half of the wall with stripe wallpaper on the bottom half, separated by a wood trim. This does not make the room look too busy with the florals or the stripes and actually makes the room look very well put together. You can see how these two patterns work well together if you take a look at a designer book that features wallpaper patterns. You will be able to see how they compliment one another as long as you stay within the colour scheme.

The colour scheme that you choose for your home should be reflected in the paper that you choose for your walls, any paint as well as any objects and furniture featuring colours that you put into a room. When you stick with three basic colours throughout the house and run them in each room, with some colours dominating in each room, the house will look as if it has been decorated by a professional. This is not hard to do as most people have colour preferences. There are the softer pastel colours that you can choose from or the bolder looks of bright colours as well. Again, what you choose is a matter of personal preferences.

When it comes to wallpaper, this not only covers the walls but also protects them. In addition, it will hide any imperfections that may be in the walls. This is true especially of older homes that may have dents in the plaster. While you want to make any repairs to the plaster before papering, chances are that if you have an older home, the plaster is not perfect. The best way to cover this up and make the walls look smooth is to paper them. You wan to use good quality wallpaper when doing this and if at all possible, remove existing paper from the walls.

When you want to get good quality wallpaper, the best place to do so is through an online outlet. This is where you will find the best deals as well as the best selection. If you order paper off line, chances are that you will be paying as much as twice the amount as the designer or paper house will mark up the cost of the wallpaper. Even if you plan to have someone else hang the paper for you, it is still wise to order it through an online site so that you can save money and get what you want.

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You can mix floral and Stripe wallpaper in the same room as long as you use the same colours. In order to get the best prices as well as quality when it comes to stripe or Floral wallpaper, go to Your 4 Walls.

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