MSDS Compliance for Large and Small Companies

Published: 07th May 2010
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The path to perfect MSDS compliance and its international equivalents remains a confusing one, even for experienced and qualified safety professionals. Therefore when searching for an MSDS authoring software one must beware to obtain the most current version, as it is possible that the current regulations may have changed. For sophisticated or complex MSDS compliance needs, the lack of standardization often presents a significant barrier to conducting business. Two common practices for business as it pertains to MSDS compliance are to either purchase MSDS authoring software or hire a professional to do the majority of the work.

All importers and chemical manufacturing companies are required by law to obtain or develop a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for each hazardous chemical they produce or import while complying with federal and global regulations. Many companies are unaware of the current regulations; therefore MSDS authoring software is a key tool in MSDS compliance, as it will help to alleviate stress when creating material safety data sheets and templates.

All businesses which work with chemicals and other potentially harmful substances are facing an ever increasing concern with environmental and sustainability, as new regulations are created, old ones evolve. Business owners and investors now place their attention on sustainable business, and the need for pertinent information solutions in this area is rapidly increasing. These dynamic and constant changing regulations are forcing the demands for MSDS compliance to increase as well, creating a more difficult process regardless of what industry the business is in.

A critical component of every business is to manage and properly train the employees on how to evaluate, analyze and avoid risks from hazards and hazardous material. Often a small accident or minor chemical exposure has serious implications as it pertains to a lost in productivity, increasing insurance costs, morale among workers, workers' compensation claims, legal fees and fines for non-compliance issues. In an effort to avoid unwanted incidents, it is recommended that companies purchase a MSDS authoring software in an effort to comply with all regulations, both globally and nationwide.

MSDS authoring software is often very reliable for the creation of important documents despite the fact that many state, federal, and EU policies are changing and regulatory revisions on individual chemical constituents are always being created.

Although a MSDS authoring software may be less expensive for major chemical companies, it is recommended that companies who have less experience or are younger consider hiring a professional for the initial set up and explanation in order to meet the demand for MSDS compliance. Hiring a small MSDS compliance firm with a good history will save a small company time and money, as mistakes can be avoided by hiring a MSDS compliance firm.

Regardless of the company's size or age, professional resources are available to manage MSDS compliance needs. Large scale companies can manage a huge internal library of standardized MSDSs using database software, while smaller companies may benefit from a hired professional. Both options should be considered with the company's needs and best interest in mind.


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