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Published: 08th April 2015
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Business cards are used for formal introductions as well as appointments and showing company affiliations. These cards are not given much importance these days. They have emerged in this modern form through a rich history that many of us do not appreciate. They have come far from the visiting cards of Europe which were for etiquette and manner by people of importance and aristocracy. People used trading cards for their business introduction and marketing which gradually evolved into the business cards of today. These cards contain user name, company designation and contact information such as mail and e-mail address in the modern times. They also contain office contact information of the person if he has a worth in a certain company or organization. It is important for use to give importance to our business cards because they are responsible for our introduction and self marketing even before we can talk with someone.

It is very important for people to use a business card that show their personality and social importance. You cannot use a normal business card if you run an exclusive business or you are a director of an important company. You deserve the importance that your professional qualification and position requires. This is achieved by maintain a certain social standard in all your professional etiquettes which also includes business cards. It is important in such a case that you should use an exclusive and premium business card. Normal business cards are usually prepared from a 12 pt thick card stock. You can use a much thicker material for your business cards. Thick business cards give much more exclusive feeling than the ordinary ones that any person has.

There are two methods available for printing business cards normally these days. Digital printing which has appeared lately has decreased the cost of printing business cards but still lacks the quality that is produced by special printing presses that use the offset printing methods. The best quality prints are only achievable by using spot colors. Spot colors are of much higher quality than the colors used in digital printing. The colors used in digital printing may leave small dots for very fine printing but all fine lines and artwork prints beautifully with the use of spot colors. If you are looking for premium quality business cards then you must select offset printing using spot colors. You can use as many spot colors as you want although the cost will get much higher. You must look though at your representation. If your business cards are responsible for bringing sales to you then you must invest in them to impress people further with your personality and the choice of materials that you use.

You can also use many other methods to ensure that you obtain a premium business card. You can go for various kinds of UV coatings that are available which can be used to create beautiful textures on your business cards. Some aqueous coating can also be used that not only speed up the printing speed but also produce a longer lasting print on the card stock. You can also use plastic lamination on your cards which give them a thicker feel as well as a solid structure. Materials such as silk, wood and metal can also be used to increase the exclusiveness of your business cards.

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