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Published: 09th February 2010
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If you have had gambling taxes withheld from your winnings at a US casino and are not a US citizen, you should look into having a refund management company help you obtain a rebate on the taxes that were withheld. Refund management services can help you get back the money that was withheld from the casino for the internal revenue service that you may not be under an obligation to pay. If you are a citizen of another country and won money at a US casino, you often do not have to pay taxes on your income to the IRS. Just as you would not have to pay taxes on your regular income to the IRS, you are not under an obligation to pay taxes for winning at casinos. You may end up paying twice for the same winnings if you have to declare them in your own country. This is why it is important to use refund management services to get back the money that was withheld from the IRS.

A refund management company will make dealing with the IRS a lot easier. The IRS is an acronym for the Internal Revenue Service which is the federal government entity in the United States that is in charge of collecting taxes from citizens. Those who are citizens of the United States are under an obligation to pay taxes on all of their income, which is why the IRS withholds the 30 percent from their winnings at the time that they win. This eliminates the potential for those who will not claim this money on their income tax return. Those who pay too much in taxes on their income tax return in the United States are given a refund. The IRS prefers that they get the money up front and give a refund rather than have people owe them money. Dealing with the IRS is a job for refund management services that have experience in this field and with this entity.

Refund management services can help you gain back a substantial amount of money from your winnings. You can find out if you qualify for a refund for the taxes you paid by visiting a refund management company online. You can read the criteria that are needed for getting the refund from the refund management services website and if you meet these criteria, can engage the refund management company to help you collect what is due to you from the IRS. Using the refund management company saves you time as well as frustration when dealing with the IRS. You have a better chance of collecting the gambling taxes that were withheld when you use refund management services rather than try this process on your own.

Dealing with the IRS is difficult and can be very confusing for those who live in the US, let alone those who are not even citizens. This is why it is important to hire a refund management company to help you get the money back that is due you from this taxing entity. The refund management services can even get your win slip that you received from the casino and help you with the documentation that you need in order to get your refund.


If you are looking for a way to get money back from the IRS for gambling taxes, you should use refund management services. A refund management company such as US Tax Recovery will help non-US citizens get back money that was withheld for the IRS when they gambled at a legal casino in the country.

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