See What a Difference Striped Wallpaper Makes

Published: 19th May 2011
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There are many different styles of wallpaper to choose from that you can put on the walls. Sometimes it can be a hard decision to make. There is a design that looks great wherever you decide to use it. That is striped wallpaper. You can get all sorts of colour combinations in stripes. You can get bold colours that will really stand out in the room or you can get colours that blend into the background. There are stripe wallpaper designs that are vertical or you can get horizontal stripes too.

Your furnishings will look good with stripes on the walls. Wooden furniture looks especially nice with this wallpaper. It can make such a difference to a room. Buying curtains to match striped wallpaper is relatively easy. You can go with a colour that matches the stripes in the wallpaper or pick a contrasting colour for the curtains.

Put vases of cut flowers against the wall on a wooden stand to really draw the stripes of the wallpaper. The difference in your room will be remarkable. You can also hang pictures on a striped wall and know it will look nice. The stripes will draw your attention to the pictures you have.

If stripe wallpaper isn’t to your liking you may prefer something that looks like real brick. Brick walls fit any décor. You can have many different types of furniture and have them look great in a room with brick walls. Now you have a choice of putting brick look wallpaper on the walls instead of installing a real brick wall. Real brick is expensive and messy to deal with. Wallpaper on the other hand is relatively easy to hang on the walls. It is an inexpensive way to make any room look better. It doesn’t matter if you do one wall or all the walls you are sure to love it.

The same holds true for stripey wallpaper. Stripes can make a statement. They can make a room stand out. It is great for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. The best part is it is easy to decorate. Any decorative touches will look nice with stripes. The colour variations with stripes are something you are going to like. You really should give stripes a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you like it.

Painted walls can get boring after a while. They also show dirt easily. Brick walls are difficult to keep clean. The crevices collect dirt and dust. Wallpaper is easy to keep clean. It doesn’t show dirt like painted walls do. If the walls do get dirty with fingerprints or other dirt all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. The upkeep on wallpapered walls is simple.

You can put your own wallpaper up yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Finding help with instructions on the best way to hang it can be found online. You can work alone or with a partner to hang the wallpaper. It takes certain tools to hang it but they are inexpensive to buy.


Striped wallpaper has many advantages. One is how versatile Stripe wallpaper is. If you want to put the wallpaper up yourself you can get help from Your 4 Walls. They are experts when it comes to wallpaper.

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