Terms You Need To Know When You Order Business Cards Online

Published: 03rd February 2010
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The printing business has its own language and if you know what the different terms mean it can make it easier to order business cards online and be sure you are getting what you want. Knowing these terms can also be helpful if you are trying to get business cards designed or printed at a printer that you deal with face to face but since you will not get a proof when you order business cards online it suddenly becomes much more important.

You may have seen terms like four color printing when you go to order business cards online. All standard colors that are printed on business cards can be created using four different colors. By saying you get four color printing that means that when you order business cards online you will find that the full range of colors are reproduced on your business cards.

Other terms that relate to the colors on business cards include four color black, which is a much richer and darker black. This particular type of black is printed on business cards using a combination of all four colors of ink rather than simply straight black ink alone.

Another thing you need to know about when you order business cards online is the difference between full bleed and no bleed. When you have bleed on your business cards it means that the color extends past the edges of the card.

All business cards are printed on a template with a small amount of space around all edges of the business card. If you order business cards online and they have bleed then there will not be a gap between the edge of the color and the edge of the business cards. It can be a great idea to order business cards online with full bleed since this can minimize cutting problems and flaws in the finished business cards.

You may wonder how it is possible to get the files for your business cards sent to the company when you order business cards online. It is actually a fairly simple process. When you have your business cards designed they will be able to give you an electronic file with the business cards set up in a template. This includes cutting marks that the printer will use to cut and finish the cards.

The digital file can be uploaded to a website that the printer will use to produce your business cards when you order business cards online. This means that the full file with all of the information can be sent quickly and easily.

One of the other terms you may see when you order business cards online is stock weight. This is usually measured in points and a higher number of points mean that you are dealing with a thicker paper. Thicker paper for your business cards means that the cards will often feel more durable and pleasant to hold. Other printed materials may use other stock that may have a different weight rating but for business cards, fifteen point paper is often an industry standard.

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