The Classic and Classy Ladies Cardigan

Published: 23rd March 2011
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The ladies cardigan has been a staple in the wardrobe for many years. They look great in any situation and for any occasion. You can create so many different looks from just one cardigan from professional to dressy and even grunge, they work for everything. The most memorable cardigans made their debut about a century and a half ago and they were worn by both men and women. They were always heavy knitted material fit for the coldest days. These days you can see cardigans in all different weights from the coldest winter wind to the slightest breeze of summer. They can be found in vintage clothes stores online and in the most expensive clothes stores at your local mall. You can buy them used or new, and no matter where youíre going the cardigan can with you.

Picture some of these out fits on you; your skinny jeans, boots, a ribbed tank top and a cardigan thatís been cinched at the waist, or your favorite skirt, a dress blouse with an open cardigan or even dress slacks, with heels, a nice blouse and a cardigan over it. Now how versatile is that? There are few articles of clothing that can be that versatile and still look great. They can be worn in all seasons because of the different weights they are available in like a light weight white one for those breezy summer night, or a medium weight one for the office thatís always cold, or a heavy weight one for a stiff winterís chill. You can find the ladies cardigan sweaters in almost any colors or combinations of colors. You can find them in the vintage clothes section of your local thrift store and you can find them in the new items section of your favorite store. Itís all up to you.

The ladies cardigan is available in several different styles including those with buttons, zippers, or with a tie style belt at the waist. They are available with short sleeves, long sleeves and three quarter length sleeves. You can find short ones and long ones, even cardigans that go all the way to the floor. You can have fun with layers as well. The cardigan allows you to move freely, unlike a jacket as you drive your car or anything else you do where you need the freedom to move your arms. Using them in layers allows you to adjust to changing temperatures. Having one in a neutral color in your car will be very handy for those cooler evenings. Whether you consider them best in vintage clothes styles or brand new ones, they are always a good choice.

Ladies cardigans are also an excellent way to conserve energy. By slipping on a comfy sweater and not turning up the thermostat will save you money on your heating costs. You can also walk to the corner store in the comfort of your cardigan instead of driving, wasting gasoline and getting exercise at the same time! As you shop for vintage clothes, donít forget to take a look at the cardigans available there too.

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