Tips For Hanging Stripey Wallpaper or Brick Effect Wallpaper In Your Home

Published: 05th September 2011
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Many people want to decorate using wallpaper but are unsure of where or how to do so. Wallpaper can be bold or whimsical depending on where or how it is used. Here are some tips that you can use so that you can feel confident shopping for and utilizing a variety of wallpapers in your home.

Wallpaper is available in two main varieties. The first already has adhesive applied to the back of the paper. The paper must be soaked in order to activate the adhesive. It can then be smoothed on the wall using specific tools. When the wallpaper dries it should have adhered to the wall if it has been properly applied. Other wallpaper does not come with the adhesive already on it. The glue must be purchased separately and then applied to the paper so that it will stick to the wall. Many people prefer to use the paper with the adhesive already applied.

Wallpaper comes in all sorts of patterns. There is stripey wallpaper and brick effect wallpaper. Some varieties of wallpaper have floral or damask patterns. Some papers can even be painted over and are fantastic for disguising damaged or rough walls.

Many wallpaper patterns have a repeat built into them. Stripey wallpaper, brick effect wallpaper or wallpapers with other patterns on them have the same pattern printed over and over again. When applying the wallpaper to the wall it is important to figure out what the repeat is so that the pattern is carried over properly from one strip to the next. It may surprise many people to realize that even seemingly abstract patterns have this repeat built into them.

In order to properly apply brick effect wallpaper or other wallpapers in your home you need a few specialized tools. One is a trough that is wide enough to hold a roll of wallpaper. The trough is filled with water (for pre-pasted papers). The water soaks the glue and activates it. The paper can then be unrolled and applied to the wall. A trough is also helpful for holding rolls of wallpaper that did not have the paste applied to them. The glue can be applied to the back of the paper and it can be drawn up slowly and applied to the wall.

Other tools are needed to properly apply paper. One is a smoothing device that is used when the paper has been applied to the wall. It is used to push air pockets and wrinkles over to the edge of each strip so that the paper lies flat against the wall and so that there are no wrinkles or air pockets. If you are applying paper, you also have to have something to measure and cut the paper. That way you can make sure that the pattern repeats properly and that the ends of the sheets are cut smoothly. A straight edge also comes in handy to make sure that the ends look straight and even.

If you shop online you should be able to find a wide selection of wallpaper patterns as well as the tools needed to apply them. You may be intimidated at the thought of hanging paper but if you take your time and have the right tools you will quickly be able to hang it in your home.

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