Tips On Decorating With Damask Wallpaper

Published: 23rd August 2011
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When it comes to the overall design of a special room, like a dining room or living room, nothing lends elegance to the design like utilizing the intricate and beautiful features of fine linens, rugs and wallpaper damask. The detail put into these designs are classic, and hearken back to historical periods of art innovations like the Renaissance, and ancient Arabia. When coordinated properly, the overall effect will be timeless and striking.

What is damask?

The designs known as damask have been featured in fabrics for centuries. It is created by weaving one vertical yarn over and under a horizontal yarn against the natural weave of the fabric it is being added to, so that the resulting design is raised and can be felt when you run your hand over it. The design is often dyed in contrasting shades, and the result is a wonder of geometric designs in gold and silver, against backgrounds ranging from light grey to royal blue.

Today’s damask designs are all the more striking because they have taken their inspiration from the originals, dating back to 12th century France, Spain, Italy and the Middle East, and incorporated more modern touches, like art deco flourishes. When used in fabrics, such as furniture upholstery or pillow and rug accents, they are best set off against a complimentary shade of wall décor and carpeting, so that the pattern stands out, and does not get lost in the overall look of the room.

Incorporating wallpaper damask designs

It used to be that to use damask wallpaper was to invest a considerable amount of money in the material to be used in any room. To completely replicate a damask design on wallpaper in the past, the manufacturers would incorporate fabric like velvet into the mix, which made it thicker than normal wallpaper, and best used in areas that did not draw direct sunlight during the day. True velvet fades and degrades when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. It soon became too expensive for most decorators to use on a regular basis.

Today’s technology has granted manufacturers the ability to replicate those same designs, as well as the more modern damask influenced designs, onto vinyl and vinyl-like materials for wallpaper today. This makes it just as appealing, more affordable, and way more durable than the traditional form. The same basic decorating rules apply, but without the restrictions concerning sunlight from the past. Used in the foreground on fabric, or in the background on wallpaper, damask is still a classic look that many hunger for, even in our modern world.

Popular uses today

Most decorators will incorporate damask designs into a décor by establishing a flow. The flow of a décor means that the eye will naturally follow a given design as it is placed in a room, from floor to ceiling, and from floor to wall. To avoid burying a print like damask under overabundance, use it sparingly, on targeted accents, and it flows freely throughout an area.

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