Why Should You Buy Casio Watches and Fossil Watches?

Published: 09th April 2009
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With so many other watch brands on the market, why should you invest in either Casio watches or fossil watches? Well, the answer obviously lies in their capability to not only add to your current wardrobe, but also how they might cater for different situations, whether social or professional.

Casio Watches
If you've done a little bit of research, you'll know that Casio watches have something of an interesting history. The name Casio is an anglicized version of "Kashio", the family name of the brothers and father who started the company incorporation in 1957 after the invention of the first digital calculator. And if you've been around long enough then you'll also remember those calculator Casio watches - a digital timepiece with an embedded calculator - they were another first from the Casio company.

History aside, however, one has to ask what the specific appeal is to Casio watches. In other words, "Why would I want one?"

Casio watches have prospered over the years due to their integration with modern technological advances and their innovative way to blend the designs with the need of the modern individual. They have managed to keep pace with some of the newer watch companies by bringing out ranges that go with specific social events. Examples here include the "dress" designs, something with a more elegant aesthetic whilst still retaining functionality and technological capabilities. Other ranges, to name but a few, include the "Baby-G" range which has been specifically designed with members of the fairer sex as well as the "Sports" range, some of which could even supply the wearer with his or her vital statistics during exercise.

In the end it becomes clear to see why Casio watches have prospered for more than 4 decades - they have managed to blend technology with style.

Fossil Watches
Although the Fossil name is not as old as that of Casio, Fossil watches nevertheless enjoy at least an equal measure of success. Started in the 1980's by one Tom Kartsotis who, with his brother, Kosta Kartsotis, brokered tickets for Dallas Cowboys games, the Fossil company has grown and achieved substantial success over the years to be a renowned brand across the world. In fact, their success been so exponential that they've branched out from Fossil Watches, and brought out lines in sunglasses and other fashion accessories.

So why should you buy Fossil Watches?

Well, of course you don't have to. But you would be missing out on trends and designs of fossil Watches enjoyed by millions of people around the world and often seen in A-list movies. In fact, you don't have to buy Fossil watches at all if you don't care about Swiss-inspired quality or top-notch design finesse.

Fossil watches come in a number of distinctive ranges that appeal to people from all walks of life. Whether you're a veteran socialite, a college student, perhaps someone who likes the challenges of sports and the outdoors, there's a Fossil watch for you. Their design remains unique and favored by many. IT combines art with a timeless element of appeal and a contemporary dynamic inspiration. Although Fossil watches may perhaps be technologically less advanced than Casio watches, they nevertheless provide the wearer with a high-quality and durable timepiece, suitable for any event you might be able to think of.

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Casio watches or Fossil watches have something different to offer the wearer, one can be sure that quality and a top-class design are guaranteed. For more information, visit Know Your Watch.

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