Why Use Striped Wallpaper In A Kitchen

Published: 25th August 2011
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There are many reasons why you should use striped wallpaper in the kitchen of your home. This is an ideal area for paper as it is much easier to keep clean than paint, which tends to bear the marks of grease and smoke from cooking. When you use paper, you not only protect the walls and make it easier for you to wipe them down, but you also cover up any imperfections in the walls themselves. In a kitchen, stripes can also make the room look bigger than it actually is. This is why many of those who are looking for the ideal paper for their kitchens will choose striped wallpaper.

Wallpaper damask is also another choice that is very popular among homeowners who are looking to make their homes more attractive. Wallpaper damask usually consists of floral designs and can be textured as well as flat. This will protect the walls and also hide any imperfections. When you paint a wall, any cracks or dents will show up automatically. This is especially true if you use anything other than a very flat paint. However, when you paper the walls, the imperfections go away. If you have a home that has been papered before, chances are that upon removing the paper there has been some tearing at the plaster. This can be covered up by re-papering the walls.

You will want to remove any of the old paper before you hang new paper. Do not make the mistake of hanging new paper on top of old paper as this makes it even more difficult to remove. The easiest way to remove old paper is with a steamer and a tool that will scrape it off the walls. If the walls were primed prior to papering, the paper tends to come off easier. It can be a chore to remove old paper, but it is well worth it as the new paper will hang better and look nicer. Also, you do not have to worry about anything showing through.

There may be some cases where you have a design in paper that you cannot remove from the walls. In some older homes where the paper has been on the walls for many years, you may find that trying to remove it does harm to the plaster in such a way that you have no choice but to keep it on the walls. In such cases, you will want to cover this paper with a thicker paper but prime the walls first. Always use a paint primer before covering walls with wallpaper as this makes it easier for the paper to go on the walls as well as stay on.

When you are choosing wallpaper for your home, stick with designs that you like and will enjoy seeing for many years to come. Remember to choose thicker wallpaper that is of good quality, especially if you have no choice but to go over existing wallpaper that is already on the walls so that you do not have the old design show through. Be sure to prime the walls with paint primer before applying the wallpaper for the best results.

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Choosing Wallpaper damask is a good idea for living areas as well as bedrooms of the home. For kitchens, Striped wallpaper can make the room look larger and can be found at Your 4 Walls.

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